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President's Message

Message from the President

Our franchise structure and goals are geared toward reaching your goals and to achieve financial freedom.

Helping You Reach Your True Potential to Achieve Financial Freedom Is Our Corporate Mission.

Congratulations! You've discovered one of the best franchise opportunities - OMEX® . Like tens of thousands of people, you're exploring the opportunities to achieve financial freedom through owning an office cleaning business. You're looking for a cleaning service provider opportunity that can empower you to live your dreams - an opportunity that immediately positions you strongly in the marketplace and then takes you as far as your desire and abilities can take you. 

Many companies squeeze as many franchises into a given area as possible. That's good for the  company, but the buyer may soon discover marketing and fiscal limitations. OMEX® is different. Our franchise structure and goals are geared toward reaching your goals and to help you achieve financial freedom. OMEX® owners have a greater potential for growth and to achieve financial freedom because of our business philosophy of awarding major protected metropolitan territories to qualified business entrepreneurs. We then provide the ongoing training, support, and networking opportunities they need.

If you dream of owning your own cleaning business and taking it to heights you never thought possible, explore becoming a franchise owner where everything is already in place to make that happen. Explore OMEX® your great opportunity to achieve financial freedom! 

Gerald Boarman
OMEX® International, Inc.

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