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Ongoing OMEX Support

Become an OMEX® Certified Cleaning Service Provider™

ongoing omex SUPPORT

We Don't Leave Behind Any of Our OMEX® Certified
Cleaning Service Providers™

Our effective management system puts you on the right track from day one with the best service provider business!

From day one, OMEX® works closely with you, training you in days and weeks what it would take years to learn without us. It starts with a comprehensive management development program conducted at OMEX® corporate headquarters. We train you on everything you need to build a solid management foundation with the best cleaning service provider business. But we don't stop there. OMEX® gives you ongoing training and the opportunity to network, interact and share ideas with other OMEX® cleaning businesses throughout North America. We teach the skills needed to build corporate-level business relationships where most competing businesses have little chance.

With OMEX® You Have the Support You Need

OMEX® is there every step of the way with a support network designed to provide the knowledge, skills, training and confidence you need to achieve your professional and personal goals. Because our system has already been developed, tested and refined through over thirty years of OMEX® operation, you'll shave years off the learning curve by applying OMEX's proven cleaning management principles. You'll have the opportunity to capitalize on years of accumulated knowledge and expertise with the best cleaning service providers.

With OMEX's sterling reputation with companies throughout the country (including FORTUNE 500 companies), you'll automatically have outstanding credentials in your market from day one. That means the opportunity to approach larger accounts from the start.

If you need help, please give us a call at 1-800-827-OMEX

Online Support

Onsite Assistance & Individualized Support System

 Telephone Support & Computerized Timekeeping System

  •  Lead generation
  • Prospect list development
  • Telemarketing
  • Appointment setting
  • Accompany you on first appointments
  • Surveying new facilities
  • Bid and proposal preparation


  • Grand opening
  • Quarterly prospect direct mailing
  • Appointment setting

New Business Development Assistance

Online Service Provider Support Available 24/7 

We Provide the Following Additional Tools:

  • Download Marketing Materials
  • Technical Data
  • Master Forms
  • Operations Manuals
  • Networking with Other Owners
  • Sample Ads
  • New Prospect Leads
  • Grand Opening
  • Quarterly Direct Mailing
  • Appointment Setting
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