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Our Commercial Cleaning Professionals will exceed all of your cleaning services expectations in a timely and reliable fashion. OMEX® is a technologically advanced office cleaning company that respects your business and knows how important it is to keep your office clean and professional.

Experience one of our commercial cleaning experts today! Simply select your state or province in the field below to find the OMEX® office cleaning services provider closest to you. Just search Commercial Cleaning Near Me.

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Highest Level of Quality

OMEX® will continually strive to provide the highest level of quality office cleaning service available through education, training, research, and development of industry innovations and automation.

Equipped to Perform

OMEX® OMEX will keep all business cleaning services personnel adequately supplied with quality products and equipment needed to perform their duties.

OMEX Cleaning System

OMEX® will implement the OMEX Cleaning System to organize for greatest efficiency, energy conservation, and least inconvenience to our customers.

Prompt Service Requests

OMEX® will respond promptly to any concerns or special requests. Our supervised crews are accountable for their work. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll be there to correct it.

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